Because your most precious asset is your health, which is priceless.

Diaspo Health, is an individual health insurance that allows you to ensure the health and protection of your loved ones from your country.

In case of illness or accident, medical and / or surgical hospitalization, consultations, hospital expenses…etc, Diaspo Health is the product for you...

It guarantees direct care, or the reimbursement of the various expenses incurred during an illness in Cameroon and abroad.

It also guarantees the reimbursement of the various expenses incured during an illness. These include:

  • Medical expenses (consultations, medical visits, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical expenses (prescriptions)
  • Laboratory analysis costs
  • Divers surgical interventions
  • Dental care
  • Optical cost
  • Maternity expenses (normal or complicated childbirth
  • Medical evacuations

Support is optional, it could range be 100%, 80% or 70%. A card or a care book of Les Mutuelles Réunies with the picture of the insured is issued to each policyholder and must be presented at each consultation to the the Physician.

To implant itself in Africa, Diaspo assur has decided to partner with the Mutuelles Reunies Asurance and an insurance company by name NSIA.

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Prices vary from 7 to 38 € / month

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