A financing solution for the funeral expenses of the insured and his family members.

In the African culture, the financing and organization of a family member's funeral is important and usually relies on family members living abroad. This is because those who are back home do not always possess the resources to deal with such responsibilities.

The right insurance solution best suited to meet this need is brought to you today.

Diaspo funeral expenses lets you choose between several options: you may choose to subscribe either for a capital death insurance which will be paid to you for the financing of the funeral, or for a funeral insurance which will allow you to confide the organization of the funeral of your relatives to professionals.

It is in partnership with Les Mutuelles Réunies Assurances and the Insurance company NSIA that Diaspo Funeral wishes to be implanted in Africa.

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The price varies from 20 to 30€ per year depending on your choice

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