In just a few clics, create your 'BESAT to export and keep track of your transaction thanks to the mobile app dedicated to it then withdraw your insurance contract at the exit of your vehicle from the port.

Diaspo Auto "Besat" is a local insurance that can go beyond the borders. It involves getting an insurance coverage for your vehicle as soon as you buy it before sending it abroad.

Thus, when leaving the port, the car is automatically insured.

This prevents the owner from falling into scams called "buy on the fly" insurance.

Why choose «BESAT» ?

  • Decrease in Fraud.
  • Direct use of the vehicle as soon as it leaves the port.
  • Lightening the cost of the transaction
  • Abcence of heavy administrative procedures
  • Reliability of insurance
  • Securing your property
  • Decrease in the establishment of fraudulent insurance contracts.
  • It avoids scams and unsustainable insurance

It is in partnership with Les Mutuelles Réunies Assurances and the Insurance company NSIA that Diapo Auto is implanted in Africa.

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Price vary with depending on the type of car.

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