Who are we ?


An insurance solution as per your desire.

A passionate worker, panafricanist at heart, in the past a member of the diaspora and currently a citizen of the world, I have had the opportunity time and again to see the need to maintain strong links between Africans living abroad and their families back in their country of origin; a happy or unfortunate event that requires the involvement of everyone, the importation of vehicles, the care of medical care, among others.

It is well known that the African continent is distinguished by principles such as the spirit of mutual aid, solidarity, love for others. However, with the passing of time, the distance generated by immigration tends to be a hindrance. 

Styve TCHACHUANG| General Director - DIASPO ASSUR

The best way to influence this situation, is to focus on an area that we master, my team and I have begun working on an insurance solution to materialize this desire.

Insurance, which by definition is a system that protects an individual, an association or a company against the consequences financial and economic factors related to the occurrence of a random event particular, is today a service that occupies an indispensable place in everyday life. The means implemented to protect the insured against risks is to associate with a community of people, who contribute to compensate the moment come, the potential victims of damage.

Insurance therefore appears as a risk management system based on the notion of solidarity, a notion that fits perfectly with the African culture. It is therefore surprising that Africa, which accounts for 13% of the world's population with such demographic potential, is not able to increase insurance penetration rates, which currently represent only 1.7% of the global market.


How it works ?

Awareness-raising actions aimed at highlighting the importance of social protection, income distribution and health care are not generating much interest in the continent, but however are leaving an echo in the minds of Africans living abroad. The latter is the determining factor that has paved the way for the developement of certain solutions through DIASPO ASSUR.

DIASPO ASSUR provides an opportunity for an individual living outside his country of origin to take out insurance coverage for his loved ones. Thanks to the different services available, we invite the diaspora to no longer regard distance as an obstacle. Our vision is to allow everyone stay closer to his family thanks to DIASPO ASSUR.

In partnership with African insurance companies, we have set up a platform to choose insurance policies according to your needs and the realities of your country. Diaspo Assur is therefore the bridge between continents

Our ambition are to cover the world. 

Africa is a continent where the culture of insurance is still expanding. Most Africans feel the need to always stay in touch with their families and eventually return to Africa.

Today, we offer insurance solutions that will enable Africans in the diaspora (Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali ...) to take care of their family members back in their home countries.

What you should understand is that this idea is birth from the fact that death is sudden event usually leaving no room for preparation, I is therefore wise to vtay prepared at all times so as to be able to meet up with the expenses to be incurred when the time comes and also avoid the last minute struggles (mortuary fees, religious ceremony, adornment of the body, coffin and others). 

It is also wise to be able to better prepare ones return to Africa, perhaps by sending cars, goods…etc, reason why we created Diaspo Assur.

We develop our know-how in the respect of social values, sharing and well-being guided by Diaspo Assur. 

Diapo Assur incorporates itself in family values by allowing everyone to be able to take care of his family back in Africa, thereby permiting the maintenance of strong ties with ones roots (Africa).


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